The Knights of Terra

The Knights of Terra

The Knights of Terra, alternatively known as The Knights or Knights of Ancora, are the government and military of the free world of Ancora. Their current leader is Marcus Honorius, Grandmaster of the Knights and Caesar of Ancora.


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The Knights of Terra, have existed on Earth for a long time. Their history is well recorded, as the Knights have always employed chroniclers and historians to continue their legacy. As such their origins, or at least the mythos recorded after the fact, are well known.

Their story begins with the ending of another, the fall of the Western Roman Empire in 476. With the Empire burning around them a group of senators, made up of the 5 mythical founders of the Knights, decided that in order to preserve civilisation in the West they must safeguard the legacy of Rome. Even if this meant accepting the death of the Roman Empire, instead supporting barbarian successors and attempting to educate and civilise them in the Roman model.

The first of these founders was Aeneas of Sicily, a former senator and noted legislative advisor to the imperial court. He decided to remain in Ravenna, the capitol, in order to facilitate between the new King Odoacer and the roman populace. It was his belief that while Rome had fallen, the Romans could live on even if under the rule of tyrants. He, and those he could recruit to his side, did much to preserve the remains of antiquity. The Knights claim that without his efforts the Renaissance may never have taken place, as he and his followers preserved works of literature, art and historic sites for future generations within Italy.

The second among them is only rememberd by the name bestowed on him for his deeds “Eleutherius” – the Liberator. His origins are largely lost, other than the fact he was previously a legate with the Legio IV Italica. Rather than bowing to the barbarians, he continued to fight them. His efforts preserved the province of Pannonia (modern day Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia) for the Eastern Roman Empire. His followers founded the Knight’s military arm.

Thirdly there was Gaius Gennadius, known as “Franciscus” for his work with the Franks. He and his followers threw their full support into the Frankish Kindgom, hoping that a new European empire might unite what had crumbled under Rome. The line of Gennadius actually remained nobles under the rule of the Frankish kings, through to the foundation of the Holy Roman Empire under Charlemagne.

Fourth was Pericles Honorius. In his eyes Rome could still endure in the East, with Constantinople as the new centre of civilisation. His views caused a rift with Aeneas, as Pericles lead an exodus of Roman nobles and those legions that remained intact to the Eastern Empire. His efforts were vidicated however when Emperor Justinian I recaptured Rome, thus restoring his reputation with future generations of Knights. (N.B: The modern Honorius family, most notably Marcus Honorius, do claim to be descended from Pericles Honorius. Other families within the Knights oldest circles have long disputed this claim, instead attributing the surname to an honorific given to the family in the 11th century. Neither can adequately prove their case to overrule the other, and thus the matter is not openly discussed in order to avoid the dispute.)

The Knights of Terra

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