The Aztec Empire


Values & Worldview
Less than a decade old compared to the centuries or even millennia of star faring enjoyed by the other nations, the power of the Aztec Empire is nonetheless flaring like a struck match. Formed from nomadic fleets and the fleeing underclass of the Gol’om Commonwealth, its citizens remember the cramped misery of life in a maze of steel and hence value self-sufficiency and harmony with nature. Above all, they cherish freedom and the strength to defend it.

The Aztec Empire is the least diverse nation in the Orion Spur. Well over 99% of its population is human. Non-humans are not permitted citizenship, though the natives of SWORD member states can freely visit and receive an almost universally warm welcome. This is far less certain for Gol’om and Celestials.

The Aztec Empire’s population growth has slowed from meteoric to merely rapid as the exodus of humans from the former slaver nations is completed. Birth rate continues to be high, however – alone among the interstellar nations, the Aztec Empire has no state or culturally enforced birth control. Blessed as they are with several virgin worlds and the promise of a galaxy to explore, they do not seen this as a problem.

Economy & Society
Every citizen of the Aztec Empire has the right to claim a plot of land sufficient to feed them, and is granted an Omniforge – a nanotech device capable of shaping polymers, metals and semiconductors. These in turn can be assembled into any tool, component or device the citizen may require. Schematics can be freely downloaded for chemical labs, recycling systems…or another Omniforge.

These wondrous machines are powered by rugged fusion reactors built at the centres of villages. Materials are mostly recycled – Aztecs spend a great deal of time breaking down broken or disused tech to support a new project or event. Additional resources, however, can be purchased with the nation’s rarely used currency earned via service to the Empire or to it’s relatively rare private companies.

The majority of people in the Aztec empire don’t bother earning and spending money, since they are able to produce virtually anything they desire themselves. Money is, however, is in circulation – it’s used by the Empire to pay those who serve it and to trade with other Nations (see below). This money can also be used by private individuals to start companies. These companies tend to focus on foreign markets rather than the (comparatively tiny) Aztec domestic market, and trade in specialist knowledge and precision-crafted items that cannot be produced by omnifactories.

There is a dark side to Omniforge technology – the drawback that keeps them tightly regulated in other nations. An individual with access to an omniforge has free access to advanced weaponry. The homicide rate of the Aztec Empire is disproportionately high for a nation with its quality of life.

Government and Culture
There is a heavy emphasis on strength, field-craft and skill at arms in the Aztec Empire. Festivals of sport and other competitions are common.

Unique Capabilities

Current Affairs

The Aztec Empire

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