Personsl Dossier on Nox Pendragon

First Name: Nox
Associated First Names:

Family Name: Pendragon
Former Family Names:

Nickname: The Little Drake

Gender: Male
Age: 11
Date of Birth: 23/05/2012

Weight: 11st
Height: 5’2
Build: Slender and Poised
Eye Colour: Violet
Hair Colour: Red

Birth Planet: Etva
Hospital of Birth: Battle Born – The Battle of Etva
Birth Registered: Portway Medical
Time of Birth: 04:52
City of Birth: Etva City

Home Planet: Etva
Home City: Etva City
Known Planets of Residence:
⦁ Etva

Nationality: Imperial

Mortal Categorisation: Post-Mortal
Species: Homo-Sapien
⦁ Angelus-Demonicus
⦁ Homo-Arcanus

Scars: None (any remove with New-Tech)
Tattoos: None
Bionic Parts: None
Body Enhancements: None
Spliced Genetics: None

Birth Parents – Mother: Ka Helel Ben Shaḥar
Father: Dillen Pendragon

Known Relatives:

⦁ Grandfather: Emperor of the Nine Hells, Lucem Ferre Helel ben Shaḥar
⦁ Uncle: Prince Azrael Helel ben Shaḥar (DECEASED)
⦁ Aunt: Princes Levistus Helel ben Shaḥar
⦁ Uncle: Prime Minister Robert Pendragon

Known Allies:

⦁ The Nova Dragon Sects:
The Nove Dragon Sects specialise in combining the use of Nova Powers and martial skills. Its Dragon Lord is Alpha. he overseas the 10,000 Acolytes and the numerous possible Hopefuls. He leaves the running of the Adepts to Serena Talvok.

⦁ The Shadow Dragon Sects:
The Shadow Dragon Sects specialisation is stealth, subterfuge and concealment. Its Dragon Lady’s Amelia, Elas and Una Nevermore. They overseas the 20 Adepts and 10,000 Acolytes and the numerous possible Hopefuls together.

⦁ The Platinum Dragon Sects:
The Platinum Dragon Sects specialise in Exoskeleton close to medium combat. Its Dragon Lord is Rex Drontes. he overseas the 10,000 Acolytes and the numerous possible Hopefuls. He leaves the running of the Adepts to Zox Cladmore.

⦁ The Riva Dragon Sects:
The Riva Dragon Sects specialise in fast relentless assaults and closing in with the enemy quickly. Its Dragon Lord is Krat Talvok . he overseas the 10,000 Acolytes and the numerous possible Hopefuls. He leaves the running of the Adepts to his son Torino Talvok.

⦁ The Noble Dragon Sects:
The Noble Dragon Sects is a honour awarded by the Emperor and his line to citizens who have affected the lives of those living in the Empire or the royal family. All Dragon Lords and Lady’s are members.

⦁ The Drake Dragon Guard:
The Drake Dragon Guard are the personal guard of the Dragon-Prince and are hand picked for there loyalty.

Aztec Decorations: The Dragon-Prince, Battle Born, The First Free Born Child of Etva.

Associated Agencies:
⦁ P.A.I.N.
⦁ Drake Dragon Guard

Agency Details

⦁ P.A.I.N.
We have two Agents with him at all times. The agents are known as Agent Silk aka Mr Leopold Thorn and Agent Brick aka Lucy Lowlong.

They have three Phantoms that shadow him at all times as well. They are made up of three cambion. They all have ink black hair, red eyes and red tribal tattoos. They are know as Alssut min al Maksur-Qimmat, Al’aeshab min Alttawahhuj Albahr and Rush min al Aradi Albur.

⦁ Drake Dragon Guard
the group is made up of ten of The Nova Dragon Sects , five of The Shadow Dragon Sects. Two P.A.I.N. Agents and three SHADE Phanttoms. Its leader is Serena Talvok.


Physically Assessment:
Physically the Dragon-Prince is stronger than he should be for his age,he is able to break wood with his bare hands and can lift up to 300lbs.The Dragon-Prince is quick on his feet, able to react to situations with almost no effort and has very fluid movements. The Dragon-Prince is capable of a long jumping up to 26 feet and leaping up to 6 feet in the air. Through his physically training he was able to call upon almost limitless reserves and would hardly ever become fatigued.

His national intelligence is frankly scary since he has the IQ of a genius combined with the physically prowess of an athlete. He is a able to read people and situations rather well for his age he is also a quick witted and knows how to use his looks and personality to get what he wants.

Knows Skill Set:
The Dragon-Prince is more of an acrobat then a athlete but he is not fond of the physical pursuits even so he has received training in both areas.

He has been known to take out his Dragon “Spars” for rides and also proficient in riding other beasts of burden.

It has also come to our attention that Alpha a member of The Noble Dragon Sect, allowed the Prince to pilot his Corvette on numerous occasions. Whilst he was being trained in the use of Nova Energy and on the understanding of Xeno-Tech Artefacts.

Been surrounded by Politicians and Noble just wanting to use him to get themselves more power he has become rather insightful in determining the fakes but no one’s perfect.

The Dragon-Prince has become rather good on perceiving threats to his life this is more to he’s attributes than anything else.

Whilst studying at Avalon Plaza Academy he has been educated in the arts leadership, Diplomacy how to conceal his intentions and to use his reputation to intimidate his opposition and inspire his allies. He’s also studied the performing arts along with history and military tactics.

In his spare time he is taking up learning Astrogation and Astrology along with his interest in Drive-Cores advancement. He does this to forget the political labyrinth he lives in.

Combat Specialisation:
He is as well trained as any veteran Dragoon of course lax the combat experience and has the technical know how to command a battleship. He specialisation is close quarter combat and battle nova energy manipulation.

The real threat is his pet dragon who is at the same power level as an Omega VI operative and could possibly take down two himself given the right circumstances.

Hybrid War Machine:
He can turn into a dragon like his father. He is in hybrid form from snout to tale 270m and from wing-tip to wing-tip of 458m. He uses his dragon Sparks as a conduit unlike his father who can change at will. His father is also roughly half his size larger.


Military Record:

⦁ Spent three weeks with Omega VI hunting down nova and getting caught in a time distortion anomaly involving one of the artefacts. SEE ATTACHED

⦁ Competed in several Academy Battle Tournaments as a Commander and the leader of a Special Tactics Unit. SEE ATTACHED

Personsl Dossier on Nox Pendragon

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