Paragon (Character Class)

The Paragon Class is one of the front-line classes in the Excalibur game system. It falls into the ‘nanite-enhanced’ category along with the Medic and Genehacker. Like those two classes, the body of a member of the Paragon class is woven with nanomachines that grant miraculous powers centered around enhancement and healing. Unlike those two classes, the nanites of a Paragon are confined entirely within his or her body, focused exclusively on boosting personal combat abilities rather than bolstering team-mates.


The nanites of a paragon are concentrated in the nervous system, granting superhuman reflexes that translate to a large dodge bonus to AC and the “Evasion” special ability. This enhanced nervous system also allows the flow of nova energy from their Nova Siphon to be briefly boosted to achieve offensive or defensive capabilities that exceed even those of other front-line classes. This ability can only be used for a limited time before the rest of the Paragon’s body is overwhelmed by the stresses involved. In game terms, this is represented by a pool of stress points that can be spent to boost AC or speed or grant extra attacks. This pool replenishes once per day.

The surges of Nova energy a Paragon can produce can be channeled into their weapon instead of their body, activating special issue upgrades that only the Paragon class can utilize.

The Paragon’s primary statistic is intelligence, with it being particularly valuable for the stress-point system and their ability to predict incoming attacks.

Fighting styles vary between individual Paragons, but members of this class always use light or (very occasionally) medium armor in order to make the most of their ability to predict attacks and dodge them. Paragons focus their training around a primary weapon that they master, with higher level Paragons eventually mastering more weapons. Their affinity with these chosen weapons allows them to apply additional upgrades to them, including the aforementioned special issue upgrades.

Strengths and Weaknesses

In a one-on-one fight, a Paragon will typically be able to defeat a member of another front line class of equal level. They also have superior mobility to those classes, making such fights on their terms more likely and making them well-suited to hunting down second-line and support characters.

However, if a team is called upon to fight more than one difficult battle before resting the Paragon’s limited stress point pool will cause them to rapid diminish in effectiveness, whilst a Juggernaut or Transcendent can fight on undaunted.

The paragon’s exceptional reflexes and evasion abilities make grenades and Conduit Strikes less effective against them. Their reliance on these abilities over heavy armor, however, makes them vulnerable to massed small arms and rapid-fire heavy weapons.

Paragons in the Orion Spur

As with all classes, each individual character has their own techniques and training. However, certain factions and cultures encourage different styles. The following factions each have their own approach to Paragons:

  • The Knights:
    The Knights are Paragons in the truest sense of the word. They believe in a path of physical and mental perfection. Many of them study meditation, sword dances and shadow sparring in order to perfect their mental focus. Their physical prowess is largely focused on the sword. Most Paragons amongst their number are swordsmen of some kind. Yet individual styles vary. Everything from European long-swords, Asian curved blades and new-tech blades are used by the Knights. Their mastery of sword combat stems from the continuity of their order, the fighting techniques passed down since time immemorial. The cultures of Earth are infused in their style, resulting in their displays being reminiscent of the heroes of old Terran myths. They are slowly adapting more fighting styles from the rest of the spur as they encounter worthy foes, but for the most part they are still fighting like the Knights of Medieval Europe, swords in hand.
  • The Aztec Empire:
  • The Angel:
  • The Demon:
  • The Golom Commonwealth:
    The emphasis a Paragon places on bursts of power over sustained force is anathema to the Gol’om way of thinking and the doctrine of the Megacorps, so their leaders rarely favor the class. Low-level and mid-level Paragons are instead used as expendable troops, and typically trained to emphasize brute strength over intellect which makes them even more powerful and short-burning. With less focus on martial honor, brutal short ranged guns such as shotguns and plasma cannons are as common as melee weapons.

Paragon (Character Class)

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