Ten years ago, the mythical titan-class warship Excalibur was uncovered on Earth by a band of humans most would dismiss as unremarkable. She carried them into a galaxy of monolithic alien empires and widespread slavery based on cruel neural editing. Humans descended from ancient abductees who had forgotten their lost home world laboured as slaves alongside other ‘lesser’ species. Meanwhile, minor stellar kingdoms scarred by past catastrophes or besieged by unnatural monsters struggled to survive.

With wise diplomacy and supreme force of arms, Excalibur’s crew united these lost souls into the S.W.O.R.D Federation. Within a handful of years this mighty alliance had crushed the slaver-empires…and the sinister mistakes of its own founders. For seven golden years all of known space – the so-called Orion Spur – was a place of prosperity and peace (aside from the handful of worlds that burned in the name of freedom).

Now, that peace has been shattered. The colossal, all-consuming Leviathans have emerged from the darkness of unexplored space. Driven by the primal urge to feed and multiply they and their brain-washed symbiont races kill or convert all in their path.

Against this brute force the stellar realms bring to bear ultra-advanced weapons tempered by centuries of bitter war. Foremost amongst them are the Post-Mortals, men and women elevated above a hundred-billion of their peers through a combination of genetic talent, unmatched combat experience and quasi-mystical Nova Siphon technology. Those Post-Mortals fighting beneath the banner of the SWORD Federation are formed into the legendary Omega Teams and answer only to the Imperial Council or the Emperor himself.

In these dark days, however, the Emperor lies in a coma after being struck down by champions of the Leviathans. Without it’s mighty leader SWORD Federation falters. Old enemies re-emerge as the invaders continue their rampage. In this time of chaos the post-mortals of Omega 6 find themselves called upon to defend the Spur…and given the opportunity to shape its future for good or for ill.

Technology of the Orion Spur

Interstellar Nations
The Aztec Empire
The Gol’om Commonwealth
The De’mon Principalities
The Celestial Republic
Aquatan Domain
Ferri Kingdom
Vival Coalition

Independent Worlds

Titans of Orion

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